Maude Eburne
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Colorado 1940
Dawn on the Great Divide 1942
Among the Living 1941
Arson Inc. 1949
Ladies They Talk About 1933
The Bat Whispers 1930
Blonde Crazy 1931
Fight for Your Lady 1937
Under 18 1931
Polly of the Circus 1932
Stranger in Town 1931
This Reckless Age 1932
Rosie the riveter 1944
Hollywood cowboy (Hollywood cowboy / Wings over Wyoming) 1937
L'Extravagant Mr Ruggles / L'Admirable Mister Ruggles (Ruggles of Red Gap) 1935
La Princesse et le pirate (The Princess and the Pirate) 1944
Les Bandits de la frontière - Bandit de frontière (The Border legion) 1940
Les Joyeux vagabonds (Mountain rhythm) 1939
Les Pillards (The Plunderers) 1948
Nid de voleurs / Amour ardent (Robbers' roost) 1932
Oklahoma - Oklahoma (Man from Oklahoma) 1945
Poppy (Poppy) 1936
Suspect Dangereux / Le Suspect (The Suspect) 1944
Tu m'appartiens (You Belong to Me) 1941
Voici la marine - Voici la marine (Here Comes the Navy) 1934

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