Mantan Moreland
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The Strange Case of Doctor Rx 1942
The Spider 1945
Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told 1964
Alibi Suspect (Dark Alibi) 1946
The Trap 1946
The Chinese Ring 1947
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 1944
Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat 1944
The Jade Mask 1945
Black Magic / Meeting at Midnight 1944
Shanghai Chest 1948
Shadows over Chinatown 1946
Docks of New Orleans 1948
Charlie Chan à Mexico (The Feathered Serpent) 1948
Charlie Chan au Texas (The Golden Eye) 1948
Charlie Chan et le dragon volant (The Sky Dragon) 1949
Charlie Chan sur la piste sanglante (The Scarlet Clue) 1945
Le cobra de Shanghaï (The Shanghai Cobra) 1945
Les Chevaliers de la frontière (Riders of the frontier) 1939
Les Yeux dans les ténèbres (Eyes In The Night) 1942
Ma femme en feu (Next Time I Marry) 1938
Un petit coin aux cieux (Cabin the Sky) 1943

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