Edgar Dearing
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The Kid from Broken Gun 1952
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite 1939
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek 1950
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail 1951
Nick Carter, Master Detective 1939
Married Before Breakfast 1937
Caught in the Draft 1941
Abbott et Costello à Hollywood (Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood) 1945
Abraham Lincoln / La Révolte des esclaves (Abraham Lincoln) 1930
Finie la comédie (No time for comedy / A Guy with a Grin) 1940
Idole d'un jour (It Happened in Hollywood) 1937
L'Homme au fouet (Pecos river) 1951
Le Canyon d'argent (Silver Canyon) 1951
Le Chemin du retour (End of the trail) 1936
On lui donna un fusil (They Gave Him a Gun) 1937
Police Frontière (Border G-Man) 1938
Tarantula ! (Tarantula) 1955

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