Fred C. Brannon
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Ghost of Zorro 1959
Zombies of the Stratosphere (Zombies of the Stratosphere) 1952
Captive of Billy the Kid 1952
Radar Men from the Moon 1952
Arizona Manhunt 1951
Zorro le Diable Noir (Don Daredevil Rides Again) 1951
Night Riders of Montana 1951
Code of the Silver Sage 1950
Gunmen of Abilene 1950
Rustlers on Horseback 1950
Salt Lake Raiders 1950
Vigilante Hideout 1950
Le Fantôme de Zorro (Ghost of Zorro) 1949
Bandit King of Texas 1949
Frontier Investigator / Frontier Marshall 1949
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James 1948
Le Retour de Jesse le bandit (Jesse James Rides Again) 1947
Le Fils de Zorro (Son of Zorro) 1947
Le Cavalier fantôme (The Phantom rider / Ghost riders of the West) 1946
King Of The Forest Rangers 1946
The Crimson Ghost 1946

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