Sarah Padden
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Biographie sur le forum
Biographie sur le forum
Utah Wagon Train 1951
Gunslingers 1950
House by the River 1950
Le Bourgeois Téméraire (The Dude Goes West) 1948
The Return of the Whistler 1948
Une fille perdue (That Brennan Girl) 1946
Marshal of Laredo 1945
Riders of the Dawn / Riding the Dusty Trail 1945
Le Cheval sauvage (Wildfire) 1945
Apology for Murder 1945
Identity Unknown 1945
Le fantôme au revolver (Ghost Guns) 1944
Girl Rush 1944
Névada le Justicier (Range Law) 1944
L'orphelin de la prairie (Trail to Gunsight) 1944
Les bourreaux meurent aussi (Hangmen Also Die!) 1943
Un commando en Bretagne (Assignment in Brittany) 1943
Respect de la loi - Double alibi (Law and Order / Billy the Kid in Law and Order) 1942
Dans le vieux Colorado (In old Colorado) 1941
The Man Who Lost Himself 1941
Vendetta (The Corsican Brothers) 1941
Le Flambeau de la Liberté (Let Freedom Ring) 1939
Woman Against Woman 1938
Anna Karenine (Anna Karenine) 1935
He was her Man 1934
The Defense Rests 1934
The Power and the Glory 1933
Ann Vickers 1933
The Sin Of Nora Moran 1933
Wild Girl 1932
The Yellow Ticket 1931

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