Cliff Edwards
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The Man from Button Willow 1965
The Avenging Rider 1943
Sagebrush Law 1943
Le Faucon pris au piège (The Falcon Strikes Back) 1943
Bad Men of the Hills 1942
Le policier bandit (Bandit Ranger) 1942
Far West (American Empire) 1942
Red River Robin Hood 1942
Riders of the Northland 1942
Seven Miles from Alcatraz 1942
Riders of the Badlands 1941
Thunder Over the Prairie 1941
Knockout 1941
La dame du vendredi (His Girl Friday) 1940
Flowing Gold 1940
She couldn't say no 1940
Maisie 1939
La Belle Cabaretière (The Girl of the Golden West) 1938
Arizona Bill (The Bad Man of Brimstone) 1937
Saratoga 1937
On lui donna un fusil (They Gave Him a Gun) 1937
La Pécheresse (Laughing Sinners) 1931
Les titans du ciel (Hell Divers) 1931
Dance, Fools, Dance 1931
Montana Moon 1930
Le Chemin de l'Ouest (Way Out West) 1930
Lord Byron of Broadway 1930

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