Alan Dinehart
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The Happy Years 1950
The Whistler 1944
Rosie l'endiablée (Sweet Rosie O'Grady) 1943
Girl Trouble 1942
Le poignard mystérieux (Slightly Honorable) 1939
Everything Happens at Night 1939
Bureau of the Missing Persons 1939
La Fille du Nord (Second Fiddle) 1939
Love on a budget 1938
Charmante Famille (Danger-Love at Work) 1937
Midnight Taxi 1937
Sa dernière chance (This is my affair) 1937
Step Lively, Jeeves! 1937
Nuits d'Arabie (Ali Baba Goes to Town) 1937
Le traineau tragique (The Country beyond) 1936
Charlie Chan aux courses (Charlie Chan at the Race Track) 1936
L'amiral mène la danse (Born to Dance) 1936
L'Enfer (Dante's Inferno) 1935
Thanks a Million 1935
Jimmy the Gent (Jimmy the Gent) 1934
Supernatural 1933
The World Changes 1933
The Sin Of Nora Moran 1933
L'Avocat (Lawyer Man) 1932
Street of Women 1932

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